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Learn about University of Haifa International Masters Programs, Hebrew & Arabic Language programs and Gap Year Opportunities! Join info-sessions, chat with our Advisors and Admission teams, learn from our students.




      diverse city in Israel.

Situated on the crest of the Carmel Mountains with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, the University of Haifa provides an ideal setting for your  experience in Israel.

At the University of Haifa, you will expand your knowledge base, discover new interests and people, explore new cultures and excel your creative skills, all in an atmosphere of academic excellence, diversity and innovation.

  • 1 and 2 year Master’s Program taught in English

  • Language Programs & Taka for Olim

  • World-renowned professors and teaching staff

  • Learn and live with students from over 50 countries in the most diverse city of Israel

  • Extra-curricular courses offered to boost your innovative and creative thinking skills

  • Scholarships for eligible students


Master's Programs Advisor




  • Child Development (MA)

  • Health Systems Administration and Global Health Leadership (MPH) 

  • MBA specializing in Sustainability

  • International MBA (Focus: Asia)

  • Diplomacy Studies (MA)

  • National Security Studies (MA)

  • Public Management and Policy (MPA)*

  • International Relations  - Dual degree with the University of Warsaw (MA)

  • Peace and Conflict Management (MA)

  • Holocaust Studies (MA)

  • Israel Studies (MA)

  • Jewish Studies (MA)

  • Modern German and European Studies (MA)

  • Maritime Civilizations (MA)

  • Marine Geosciences (MSc)

  • Marine Biology (MSc)

  • Archaeology (MA)

  • Statistics (MA)

     *Opens in Spring 2022




with our Professors&

get insights about Master's programs


March 2nd / Tuesday 

Israeli Time

16:00     Modern German& 

              European Studies


17:00     Holocaust Studies

18:15     Peace& Conflict


March 3rd / Wednesday 

Israeli Time

16:00     Marine Biology

17:00     MBA in


18:00     Israel Studies & 

              Jewish Studies

19:00     Maritime 


OR Chat



March 2Nd / TUESday 

China Time

19:00     General   

              Info Session


09-22:00 Chat with our


March 3rd / wednesday 

China Time

20:00     General   

              Info Session

09-22:00 Chat with our




with our program Advisors & Admission team and learn about Haifa, diverse Master's Programs and Admission requirements. 



Language&TAKA PreparatoryProgram

The International School at the University of Haifa is well known for its Hebrew Language courses, the most effective language-learning program in Israel. As well as, the International School offers a comprehensive TAKA preparatory program for New Olim. Join our infosessions to learn more about both programs.

March 2Nd / TUESday 

Israeli Time

15:00     Language programs




The International School offers wide range of special track programs and courses that fulfill any student's academic interest. All courses are academically accredited in accordance with the standards and criteria of North American and European universities.

March 3rd / wedneSday 

Israeli Time

15:00     GapYearPrograms​


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