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Program Description:

The International Master of Arts Program in Child Development was established with the goal of improving the lives of children around the world. The program is designed to train international experts who will focus on pressing questions regarding the nature of child development and how it applies to the lives of children and their families.


This unique interdisciplinary program aims to provide professionals with a comprehensive theoretical basis and an applied skillset that will be effective in influencing the well-being of children in a positive manner. The program is designed for professionals with experience working with children: social workers, occupational therapists, communication clinicians, physical therapists, public health nurses and nurses in pediatric departments, family and youth judges and family lawyers, special educators, public policy makers and others.

Program Highlights:

The program is made up of courses designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of child development from the vantage point of a number of different disciplines, so as to provide a holistic and encompassing understanding of the field in all its facets. Elements of study include developmental psychology, psychopathology, neuroscience, cognitive and language development, intervention and prevention, methodology and statistics, parenting, and child development in a cross-cultural environment. Workshops in clinical observation are also included.

The program is taught by leading lecturers in their areas of developmental research and clinical-therapeutic work. The program deals with theory, research and clinical applications and provides students with the following bases:

  1. Up-to-date theory and research in child development, theory and research on specific topics such as children with developmental disabilities, foster care, adoption and home care settings.

  2. Observation, evaluation and intervention methods with children in different settings.

  3. High level of academic excellence.

  4. Small study groups.

The one-year program is taught in English over two consecutive semesters and one semi-semester from October through the end of July. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be awarded a Master of Arts in Child Development

Highlighted Courses*:

  • Advanced Developmental Psychology 

  • Child Development in a Cross-cultural Perspective

  • Cognitive and Language Development and Emerging Literacy

  • Developmental Neuroscience

  • Workshop: Observation Methods - Children, Parents, Child Care Settings, Pre-schools and Schools


* The curriculum is subject to change without notice

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