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Thank you for your interest

in our Master's programs!

The University of Haifa is one of the leading universities in Israel that is committed to providing high-quality teaching and dedicated to academic and research excellence. Also, we host an exciting and inspiring cultural mosaic of cultures with our students coming from diverse backgrounds that study alongside a growing number of international students and staff from more than 90 countries.


Our one and two-year Master's programs are designed to equip students with the tools they need to succeed in their respective fields and aim to provide practical experiences that will lend themselves to success in a highly competitive global market. To that end, our International Masters programs also integrate research experience, practicum, workshops, or real-time problem-solving skills. 

We invite you to join the International Student Community  at the University of Haifa and discover new interests and people, expand your knowledge base, and explore new cultures in an atmosphere of academic excellence, diversity, and innovation.

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