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Online Summer Intensive Arabic MSA, Folklore, & Culture 

Dates: July 12- August 5, 2021

(Not Opening for Summer 2021)

Total Credits: 3


Hours: 48

This 2-tiered intensive course invites students whose proficiency in Arabic is on the Elementary 1 level (aka Beginners) to experience an integrated and expanded approach to the Arabic language and Arab folklore and culture

The course will be held via ZOOM, three times a week, 6:00-9:30 pm (Haifa time). Once a week there will be a 1.5-hour lecture devoted to a subject on the Arab world.

I.  Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) at the Elementary 1 Level 
    Taught by Ms. Ester Cohen

This intensive summer course is designed for students with no prior knowledge of Arabic. Students are introduced to the Arabic alphabet and to basic rules of grammar. Arabic songs and classical sources are used to introduce students to Arab culture. Card games and work in small groups also assist in increased absorption of the material taught in class. 

Students are expected to spend between 1-2 hours outside of the class for each class day working on assignments and preparing for their next class.

II. Folklore and Culture of the Middle East - Lectures given by lecturers from the International School of the University of Haifa 

Once a week, for a two-hour slot, students will receive a lecture on 

Arab folklore, culture, and/or society. Potential topics covered: 

Arabic music – poets, singers and songs: classical/ folklore and modern music
Arabic food, heritage/ folklore, traditions – a general view
Women in Arab and Palestinian society 
Religion and Society 
Family and Clan Structure

Tuition: $800 


The course is open to all applicants above the age of 18.


* The course will open with a minimum of 20 participants

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