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When thinking about relationships between countries, specifically in Middle East, two words come to mind: "it's complicated"; not only for diplomats, policy analysts, and decision-makers but also for researchers and scholars. This is exactly why our Master's program in Diplomacy is especially designed to provide our students with knowledge and practical tools to address current social, political and economic challenges in today's interconnected global environment, especially in Middle-East regions.


Our program provides professional or aspiring administrators, officials, policy makers and negotiators with collaborative diplomatic mechanisms, insights and analytical tools to address complex political, cultural, and economic challenges. This includes:

  • Introducing effective, cutting edge physical and digital diplomatic tools and techniques

  • Field trips designed to exposing students to actual behind the scenes diplomatic functioning at the Israeli Foreign Ministry, UN Headquarters and other institutions

  • Practical simulations designed to address versatile diplomatic issues

One year, One degree

Our one-year program is taught in English over three consecutive semesters from October through September. Graduates will be awarded a Master of Arts in International Relations, alongside a certificate of specialization in Diplomatic Studies

Highlighted Courses*:

  • Human Rights, Ethics and Diplomacy

  • The New Diplomacy: Structure, Technology And Processes

  • Theories of Diplomacy

  • Diplomatic Simulation - Workshops

  • Foreign Policy and Diplomacy in Practice - Workshop**


* The curriculum is subject to change without notice




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