Summer Online Course 2022:
Disaster & Emergency Management

Dates:  July 18- August 18, 2022


Total Credits: 3


Hours: 30

Wildfires, floods, COVID-19, terror attacks, and earthquakes are only a partial list of emergencies and disasters which have occurred in recent years in many countries around the world. Some countries had even experienced more than one major disaster. Managing an emergency or a disaster is based on preparedness and mitigation actions (before the event), response capabilities (during the event), and recovery efforts (after the event) to rebuild the area and the affected community. The course will expose students to principles in emergency and disaster management at the local, national and international levels with a distinct focus on human behavior during disasters, risk communications, sheltering and protection, logistics, and technologies. The learning methods will include expert lectures, case study analysis, and emergency simulation.

The course will take place twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays, from 5:00 pm-7:45 pm Haifa Time (10:00 am- 12:45 pm EST).

Course Syllabus

Admissions Requirements: 

The course is open to all applicants above the age of 18,


Candidates must demonstrate the following

  • Minimum grade point average  3.0

  • Good communication skills in the English language (spoken and written)]

Required Documents (to be uploaded in the application):

  • An official copy of the transcript in English with GPA calculation

  • Financial Terms Agreement (Please upload the signed pages only)

  • 1 Academic letter of recommendation (the system will ask for two letters, please put the following email for one of the recommenders- jhochman@univ.haifa.ac.il)


Final Registration:


The last date to submit online applications is June 15, 2022


Cost: $800 USD


* The course will open with a minimum of 20 participants

** The International School at the University of Haifa reserves the right to change or cancel any programs/courses up until one month before the start of that program/course.

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