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In recent years, the growing need for early education professionals and policymakers in under- resourced countries has become crucial and urgent. UHaifa International's Master's Program in Early Education & Development has addressed this pressing issue by training the next generation of early childhood experts to become change agents, improve the lives of children in developing regions, and impact for good.

Led by our dedicated team of professional lecturers and researchers, our unique interdisciplinary program combines an up-to-date comprehensive theory with state-of-the-art practical skills, designed to positively promote children's wellbeing.

Childhood professionals such as educators, social workers, health professionals or therapists; researchers, policy makers, social activists and aspiring 'movers and shakers' eager to promote social change, will greatly benefit from this one-of-a-kind program.  

Attractive scholarships and living stipends will be offered to eligible students arriving from under-resourced regions.


Our global focus and strong collaborations with renowned experts all over the world have resulted in a holistic curriculum, bridging between research and practice, to improve the lives of vulnerable children in developing countries. The diverse classes and workshops provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary understanding of both early education and child development. This includes developmental perspectives in early education, psychology, psychopathology and neuroscience, cognition and language, prevention and intervention, research methodology, parenting, cultural and anthropological perspectives, and hands-on methods of clinical observation, assessment and intervention.


One year, one Degree:

Our one-year program is taught in English over two consecutive semesters and one semi-semester from October through the end of July. Graduates will be awarded an MA in Early Education & Development from the University of Haifa

Highlighted Courses*:

  • Social and Emotional Development

  • Risk and Resilience in Developing and Emerging Societies

  • Self-Regulation in Early Childhood

  • Learning and perception in Early Childhood: Normal and Abnormal Processes

  • Creating Caring & Benevolent Education

  • Early Intervention

  • Early Childhood Policy

  • Emotional and Professional Development

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