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Program Description:

For years, the sea has been a source of food and transport for commerce, but also a source of mystery about the processes that take place within it. The vast majority of the seas have not been studied – from the coastline to the abyssal depths, from the molecular mechanisms of life within the cell to the myriad, complex and dynamic marine ecosystems.


The Eastern Mediterranean is a unique part of the global ocean. The City of Haifa as a harbor city nestled at the edge of this sea has become a center for researchers and a source of knowledge.


The International MSc. program in Marine Biology at the Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences, encompasses studies of marine life at multiple scales, from top predators to the genes and molecules underlying life in the oceans. The mission of the study program of the Department of Marine Biology is to provide students with the knowledge, conceptual and experimental skills, and experience to enable them to be productive marine scientists.


Graduate studies in the department include a research period (thesis) under the supervision of one of the department's researchers. Students combine research on a wide variety of marine organisms and questions with a diverse course offering, educational cruises, research dives and lab work.


The program is taught in English over two academic years and is a thesis-track only. Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded a Master of Science in Marine Biology.

Why study International Marine Biology at the University of Haifa, Israel?

Since the dawn of history, the seashore and ocean depths, their molecular life mechanisms and dynamic marine ecosystems have always been a mystery. Nestled at the edge of the Eastern Mediterranean, our International MSc. Program in Marine Biology has been addressing this mystery by leveraging our natural surroundings into an innovative global learning hub for researchers and students worldwide.


  • A challenging academic opportunity to study fascinating biological and ecological marine system processes at all scales

  • Incorporating hands-on research of the Mediterranean Sea to understand and address major marine environment challenges.

  • Acquiring in-depth knowledge of topics and processes in marine biology and oceanography, from genes through organisms to ecosystems.

  • Developing skills to plan, perform and analyze complex experiments in the lab and at sea, using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.

  • Experience in writing and presenting scientific data, for both academic and non-academic purposes.

  • A two-year thesis-track program awarding graduates a Master of Science (MSc) in Marine Biology


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