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Program Description:

Recent significant off-shore deep-sea gas findings in Israel have prompted a period of unprecedented development and pose world-renowned scientific, technical, and environmental challenges. These significant developments provide students with a wide range of career opportunities in disciplines such as exploration geophysics and environmental geology.


Using the Eastern Mediterranean as a natural marine laboratory, the International M.Sc. Program in Marine Geosciences provides students with a unique opportunity to develop practical scientific experience at sea, together with a rigorous academic curriculum.


Studies conducted in the DMG utilize state-of-the-art methods of data acquisition, processing and analysis to decipher trends and phenomena that occur in the marine geosphere. Over the last decade, marine geosciences are in the focus of global interest as a result of growing concerns, such as changes in sea level and climate, the search for conventional and new energy sources, and the emergence of unprecedented developments that offer new avenues of research. Research topics in this field are numerous, encompassing disciplines that interact in a way that demand a holistic research approach.


The two-year program is taught in English over two academic years beginning on October. This is a thesis-track only program. Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded a Master of Science in Marine Geosciences.

Why study International Marine Geosciences at the University of Haifa, Israel?

Recent off-shore deep sea gas findings in Israel have prompted unprecedented development and world-renowned scientific and environmental challenges.  These have paved the way for our unique program which offers students a unique opportunity to foster a career in Marine Geosciences. Leveraging the Mediterranean Sea to a natural marine laboratory, the International MSc program for Marine Geosciences offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain theoretical knowledge together with hands-on experience at sea.


  • A challenging academic opportunity incorporating classroom study with hands-on real-time scientific exploration at sea and onshore, laboratory research in a multidisciplinary environment

  • Mastering geological and geophysical survey planning, data collection process and seismic data interpretation using necessary best-practice geophysical software for today's competitive global arena

  • An opportunity to develop unique expertise in a specialized geoscience field, expand knowledge of interacting earth systems, develop teamwork, leadership skills and original problem solving

  • A two-year thesis-track program awarding graduates a Master of Science (MSc) in Marine Geosciences

* The curriculum is subject to change without notice


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