Pre-Arrival Information

 for Students Arriving in Spring   Semester 

On-Campus Student Dormitories

Full Spring and Summer Semesters

There are three on-campus dormitory complexes are open to reservation for international graduate students. Students that do not require to quarantine according to regulations issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health can reserve any of the three available options. Students that are required to quarantine can reserve Talya dormitories only. Students, who at the end of the two-week quarantine period are willing to file a request to move from Talia to other types of dormitories will be transferred based on room availability. 

The apartment lease at the dorms is subject to a signed Dorms contract between the dorms and the student for the lease period of February 1st and September 15th. For further information, please refer to the Dorms Contract and the payment schedule >>.

The monthly rent includes: Electricity, Water, Municipal Tax, Internet

Private Bedroom

Shared Apartment with 2 additional occupants

Shared bathroom/shower and common area


$2,925 until September 15th

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Shared Bedroom with another student (2 per room),

Shared Apartment with up to 5 additional occupants 

Shared bathroom/shower and common area


$2,475 until September 15th

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Private Bedroom

Shared Apartment with up to 5 additional occupants


Private bathroom/shower

Shared common area


$3,487.5 until September 15th

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Spring Semester:

Student Accommodation Options

We are excited to welcome you to the University of Haifa for the upcoming spring semester!

Below you you can view information on on-campus Student dormitories and other off-campus housing options.

Arrival date for students arriving to Israel for the Spring Semester is February 1, 2021 to have enough time to conduct the required two-week quarantine period before the start of the semester. 

Please sure to submit the form by December 24th to reserve your spot.


"Diana Seaport Apartments"

Monthly Payment, One Month Minimum

Diana Seaport Apartments are located at the Downtown Center of the City of Haifa, the heart of cultural, nightlife and shopping district of the city, in a walking distance from the “German Colony” and The Baha’i Gardens – the most popular tourist attraction and favorited part of Haifa among tourists, both international and local, consisting of various coffee-shops, restaurants and other tourist attractions. For more information on Diana Seaport Apartments >>

 Monthly fee:  

1,300 New Israeli Shekels per person in a shared room,

and includes Electricity, Water, Municipal Tax


 The apartment includes:  

Two Beds, Television, Electric Kettle, Electric Stovetop, Microwave, Refrigerator, Kitchenware. Clean linens provided once per week.

 Please note:   

Students will be required to commit to a minimum of one month in this apartment, with an option to extend on a month-by-month basis thereafter.  The reservation is also subject to at least two applicants per room and room availability at the moment of reservation. The payment is made directly to the Diana Seaports Apartments.