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Program Description:

The MA program in Peace and Conflict Management Studies introduces an interdisciplinary approach to peace and conflict management. The program addresses intergroup conflicts at different levels, ranging from local community conflicts to international conflicts. It also presents a variety of approaches to dealing with such conflicts, including formal and informal ones.


The program’s goal is to enable students to understand how conflicts unfold from a grassroots level and move up through the halls of government to the international community, and to introduce different interventions that are available at each level to transform the manner in which conflicts develop, and how to advance non-violent approaches to conflict and build peace.


The program is based primarily on theoretical and practical frameworks of the social sciences, including political science, psychology, social work, sociology, and international relations. While special attention is given to the Middle East, conflicts and peace processes in different parts of the world are also discussed.


The unique program includes a mandatory practicum component, which involves an internship at organizations active in the domains of peacebuilding, majority-minority relations, social development, social justice, or human rights. The practicum exposes students to the practice of peacebuilding and conflict management and to activities taking place in the field.


In addition to the great variety of courses, the program offers a wide range of exciting extra-curricular activities. These activities include field trips throughout Israel connected to local and regional conflicts; thoughtful simulations of decision-making, negotiations and conflict management; and guest lectures by practitioners and academics.


The one-year program is taught in English over three consecutive semesters from October through September. Students wishing to pursue the thesis track will need to submit a research thesis within one year of completing their coursework, which may require remaining at the university for one or two additional two semesters. Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded a Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Management.

Program Highlights:

  • Provide students with an invaluable opportunity to learn about discord around the world, especially the specific conflicts within Israeli society and the Middle East.

  • Endow students with theoretical knowledge and practical tools to deal with ethnonational conflicts and peace building.

  • Provide students with field experience that will foster skills, knowledge, and unique perspectives, that can be applied to future careers.

Highlighted Courses*:

  • Theories and issues in intergroup conflict: A multi-disciplinary perspective

  • Paths to Peace: Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution, Peace-building and Reconciliation

  • Community Conflict and Civil Society

  • Building Consensus: Basic Negotiation, Mediation and Facilitation Skills

  • Holocaust Commemoration and Education in the Digital AgeMulti-Track Diplomacy: Transforming Violent Conflict


* The curriculum is subject to change without notice



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