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Our unique Master’s Degree program in Public Health provides future health care leaders and researchers with cutting-edge knowledge and skills to address tomorrow's complex global public health challenges.  Specializing in Global Health Leadership and Health Systems Administration, we offer our students state of the art knowledge, leadership and communication skills to manage comprehensive, cross-cutting, multi-sectoral health programs on local and global scales.


Our study program includes integrated knowledge and training in relevant fields, aimed at:

  • Developing and enhancing personal and organizational leadership skills for Public and Global Health positions

  • Providing knowledge, training, perspectives and tools to address multicultural public and global health challenges.

  • Acquiring skills for planning, evaluating and implementing health program and policies


One year, one Degree:

Our one-year program is taught in English over three consecutive semesters from October through September. Graduates will be awarded a Master of Public Health (MPH) alongside a certificate of specialization in Health Systems Administration and Global Health Leadership.


Highlighted Courses*:

  • ​Introduction to Global Health (Including Social Determinants of Health)

  • Decision Making in Health Systems

  • Global Health Systems

  • Epidemiology 

  • Human Rights and Public Health Ethics

* The curriculum is subject to change without notice




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