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In today's disruptive reality, the public sector must constantly address complex dynamic challenges with effective innovative tools and solutions, which call for professional training for policy makers, government officials and public administrators. Our international MPA program specializing in Public Administration, Public Management and Policy Studies offers state of the art public policymaking and management skills on economic, social, and political levels.


Leveraging the Israeli public policy Experience to a learning benchmark, future decision makers and policy designers gain diverse knowledge and tools to address today's economic, social and political challenges, including:

  • Local and global economic-political analysis

  • Strategic management in disruptive environments

  • Policy challenges related to cyber-security, immigration, climate, finance and trade

  • Leadership, management and ethics in policy making

  • Academic Tours, guest lectures and round-table seminars

One Year, One Degree

Our one-year program is taught in English over three consecutive semesters from October through September. Graduates will be awarded a Master of Arts in Public Administration, alongside a certificate of specialization in Public Management and Policy Studies.

Students who prefer to pursue the research track will submit their thesis within one year of completing their coursework, which may require a prolonged stay at the university


Highlighted Courses*:

  • Global Public Leaders: Organizations, Leadership and Innovation

  • Take the Right Turn: Decision Making and Strategy in a Global Borderless World 

  • All about the Economy: Public Economics and Regulation in a Globalized Economy

  • Governing Within Ideologies: Globalization, Inequality, Labor Market and Welfare State

  • All in the detail: Management, Finance and Auditing


* The curriculum is subject to change without notice


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