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Program Description:

Functioning in complex external and internal environments, governments and public organizations have to constantly adapt themselves to changing conditions and find innovative ways and tools to analyze reality and manage public affairs effectively and fairly. Hence, policy makers face complex demands and challenges, which call for intense and fundamental training and professionalization of skillful cadre.


The international MPA program provides specialization in Public Administration, Public Management and Policy Studies, which prepares students to direct policymaking and manage public organizations in a changing and uncertain environment where economic, social, and political dynamics constantly influence the daily operation of governments.


The program establishes the theoretical foundations for policy analysis and for understanding the operative rationales of public organizations, but its focus is on professional tools to analyze and manage these areas. The program offers advanced tools for: decision making and policy design; analyzing political-economy dynamics both locally and globally; strategic management in complex and uncertain environment; analyzing international policies and challenges related to cyber security, immigration, climate change, financial relations and trade; developing leadership and innovation in public organizations; analyzing the tensions between values such as ethical behavior, procedural justice, accountability and responsibility, economic equality and efficiency. Many of these tools and areas interact with each other and hence the program emphasizes an integrative approach which allows students to choose appropriate means to handle situations drawing from a rich and diverse tool box.

The one-year program is taught in English over three consecutive semesters from October through September. Students wishing to pursue the thesis track will need to submit a research thesis within one year of completing their coursework, which may require remaining at the university for one or two additional semesters. Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded a Master of Public Administration with a certificate of specialization in Public Management and Policy Studies.

Program Highlights:

  • Prepare students to direct policymaking and manage public organizations in a changing and uncertain environment where economic, social and political dynamics constantly influence the daily operation of governments.

  • Train the future leaders of public organizations in their respective home countries, while learning from the Israeli experience in public administration.

Highlighted Courses*:

  • Global Public Leaders: Organizations, Leadership and Innovation

  • Take the Right Turn: Decision Making and Strategy in a Global Borderless World 

  • It is all About the Economy: Public Economics and Regulation in a Globalized Economy

  • Governing Within Ideologies: Globalization, Inequality, Labor Market and Welfare State

  • God is in the Details: Management, Finance and Auditing


* The curriculum is subject to change without notice

Opening Spring Semester, March 2022 for two consecutive on-campus semesters and one online semester* Admissions deadline December 31, 2021. 

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