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We are excited to welcome you to the University of Haifa for the upcoming academic year.

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Atman Errachid, Morocco

Current Student, MA in Jewish Studies

Haifa is one of the best cities to study in thanks to its nightlife, social diversity, nature and transportation means.

In bars, you can meet all kinds of communities in Israel. As one of the mixed cities in the country, the social diversity in Israel is strongly seen in Haifa. The soundscape in its pubs and bars is filled with all the languages and pop music of Israel. Going out is easy since there are buses all the time until 4 am!

The university is located on top of Carmel Mountain. The nature surrounding it is amazing. The forest and the sea are what makes this place special. From here, you can plan you travels to the north of Israel while actually looking at most of the cities. Akko, Nazareth even Rosh-Hanikra on the borders with Lebanon are visible from here!

Studying Jewish or Israel Studies in Haifa is much helpful to actually understand the history and society of the country. Since Haifa is one of the most diverse cities in Israel, you can take a class about the social diversity of the country then take a bus ride and you’ll find yourself in a Haredi or a Hassidic neighborhood. If you keep walking in any direction, you might find yourself in a majority Arab quarter, Ethiopian or any other community you study about in class.


Atman along with his roommates

other international students from India, Luxembourg and Ghana

Dawn Olin, USA

Current Student, MA in Israel Studies

# Come to the Vineyard on the Mountain!

This is the translation of The Carmel and the lovely area where the University of Haifa is situated.  It is truly a garden paradise on the top of the mountains where students from around the globe come to learn and in the process are saturated in spices, sea breezes and the languages of the nations. The verandas that overlook Haifa Bay contribute to the impression of coming up higher; to learn and grow and become who you are meant to be.  This is Eretz Israel. The Land of Israel.


You may hear Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, Spanish, German or English as you explore the cafés and museums on campus. The University is a mosaic of cultures that fit seamlessly even if the pieces are vastly different. 

There is laughter, deep discussions, shopping at the displays in the common areas, music, and new friendships to be made daily. Whether you live on campus or find housing in the community, your classmates will be in touch and likely become your dearest friends in life.


 I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to complete my master’s degree in Israel Studies in the Land of Israel. The diversity of opinions, wisdom, and respect from student to student is encouraging. I am amazed daily at the honor my classmates show professors and the esteem they have for one another.  Although I live in the community, I witness the cultural synergy of the University almost daily.

When I am standing on the top of the hills overlooking Haifa, I am overwhelmed at the beauty, permeance and prosperity of the region.  Even in a complex society like Israel, there is still the day-to-day harmony you can feel. Taxi driver’s who tell you their histories and restaurant owners who share their victory of economic survival, add to a living journal we experience in Haifa.  Often distinct from the media, the routine encounters I have reaffirm what I sense as I live as a student in Israel:  True shalom. The peace that passes understanding and is shared from friendship to friendship. This is what I feel to be the greatest treasure I will take with me home and happily share.  From Mount Carmel to the ends of the Earth.





University of Haifa International School held a party to introduce students to Purim! Purim is a festive holiday that includes dressing up in costume. 




University of Haifa International School held a joint celebration of Diwali-Chanukah-Dia De Las Velitas! Three holidays that celebrate light overcoming darkness. The evening included traditional foods from all three holidays, students shared stories and traditions, followed by dancing. Our international students definitely made it a special evening. We encourage all of our students to share their culture and customs!




University of Haifa International School held a Christmas Gathering to make all our students feel at home while being away from friends and family during the Holiday Season. Students performed Christmas Carols, shared their holiday traditions, enjoyed refreshments, a festive photo booth and dance party. 




From your arrival to the end of your studies in Haifa, you will have the opportunity for extracurricular courses and academic tours around Israel. Starting with Welcome Week, where students go on a walking tour to get acquainted with Haifa; following the Israel Society elective course that offers academic tours of Jerusalem, Tsfat, Acco, and the Golan Heights; to the department specific tours throughout the country; you will have plenty of time to explore your new home with academic tours, field trips, and exploring independently with your new friends!

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