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Program Description:

With the increasing importance of technological team development, more organizations and CEOs are appointing Chief Technology Officers, as part of the senior management ranks in companies today. This unique MBA program combines managerial and business education with multicultural-multinational exposure in a class with professionals from China, Israel and other tech-advanced countries. The program provides knowledge, skills and experience to executive level professionals working in or aspiring to work in Tech, Engineering and Sciences. There is a global trend and need for managers of teams of technology specialists in a complex and changing global business environment. Professionals with the appropriate technological/science background, combined with our MBA program specializing in Technology Team Development, will have the right balance of tech and business to obtain participation in the C suite of their organization.

This program is intended for students with the relevant academic degree and/or professional experience who will work in managerial positions as R&D or Chief Technological Officers, in corporations or organizations. The program emphasizes managerial disciplines that focus on skills needed to fulfil these positions.

This program is in partnership with East China Normal University in Shanghai, China.

Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Certificate of Specialization in Technology Team Development

Program Highlights:

  • Building management and leadership skills for technology team leaders.

  • Training students with an appropriate background from Israel and abroad to meet the managerial challenges in industrial research and development, high technology and disruptive innovation, and bestowing critical tools for the organization’s management and operation.

  • Training expert managers in an innovative, technology-rich environment. 

  • Empower students with the core knowledge, competencies, and skills that will prepare them for a global management career rapidly evolving within the increasingly dynamic, complex, and competitive international business environment.

Highlighted Courses*:

  • Management of Information Systems

  • Fintech

  • Emotions and Team Development 

  • Cyber Security

  • Project Management 

* The curriculum is subject to change without notice




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