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Welcome to the University of Haifa International School

Imagine waking up on the top of Mount Carmel, enjoying a breathtaking sea view with your morning coffee, a night on the town in fascinating multicultural city, all while studying for your Master's with peers from all over the world! All this and more can be part of your #MultiExperience here at the University of Haifa's International School.  The first university in Israel to align with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we take pride in our innovative mindset combining academic theory, practical tools and hands-on real-world solutions for a better world.

We offer versatile 1-2 year international degree programs all taught in English, in a vibe of academic excellence, innovation, sustainability and diversity. Leveraging Haifa's diverse cultural environment to a competitive advantage, our curriculums incorporate local and global real-life political, ethnical and social challenges. These strengthen our students' academic and professional resilience as they pursue their future careers.

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Our International Master's Programs

From MBA for future Tech Development leaders, through Global Health Leadership to Peace & Conflict or underwater archaeology, you can choose one of our English taught programs and pursue your desired career path:

V  Diplomacy Studies (MA)
V  National Security Studies (MA)
V  Peace and Conflict Management (MA)
V  Public Management and Policy Studies (MPA)
V  International Relations (MA, Dual degree with the 

     University of Warsaw)
V  MBA Sustainability
V  MBA Tech Team Development
V  Marine Geosciences (MSc)
V  Marine Biology (MSc)

V  Statistics (MSc)
V  Global Health Leadership and Administration (MPH)
V  Archaeology (MA)
V  Maritime Civilizations (MA)
V  Israel Studies (MA)
V  Jewish Studies (MA)
V  Holocaust Studies (MA)
V  Modern German and European Studies (MA)
V  English Language and Literature (MA)
V  Arabic Language and Literature (MA)

Meet Students from all over the world!

Arriving from over 90 countries, our students enjoy a wonderful combination of intriguing study programs and a vibrant student life here in the beautiful city of Haifa 

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Join your #MultiExperience today

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