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Scholarship application

NEED-BASED  Scholarship

Application guidelines:

  1. Please fill all the required fields and upload the scholarship application form as well as a short (up to 500 words) motivational letter that explains your current situation and in what ways the scholarship will assist you in your studies.

  2. The scholarship committee will not discuss the applications that do not include these documents. 

  3. The scholarship committee will consider scholarship that cover up to 50% of tuition fee.

  4. Additional scholarship conditions are discussed in the scholarship application form, please, read it carefully.

  5. Recipients of need-based scholarships from the University of Haifa are required to participate in the Volunteer Program while they are in Haifa. In addition, they will be expected to serve as ambassadors for the University of Haifa for the year following their return to their home countries. As ambassadors, they will be expected to promote the University of Haifa via participation in Israel program fairs, relevant groups on campuses, and communication with potential applicants. In the form below, please specify your preferred volunteering field, we will do our best to place you within that field.

Volunteering opportunities

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DEI Impact Scholarships

Application guidelines:

We prioritize exceptional students with a proven social-impact record in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives.


To meet our criteria, please submit:

  • A motivational letter describing:  why you wish to apply to your program, your experience in social impact in DEI initiatives

  • Name of the relevant organization or project you collaborated in

  • A letter of recommendation and confirmation from an executive in your organization or project who can vouch for your social impact activities.

The scholarship committee will not discuss the applications that do not include these documents. 

The scholarship will cover up to 3,000$ of tuition fee.

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